Elite sports performance trainer

coach tony

Certified Personal Trainer


Bommarito Performance Level 1

Over the past 5 years, Coach Tony has trained young athletes to optimize their sports performance in the Orange County and Los Angeles area.  His clients success stories include overall improvement in mobility, increased strength, and superior explosive power.


Using scientifically backed training methods and advanced assessment techniques, Coach Tony’s proven system has landed his clients starting positions on winning club teams, competitive varsity placement, athletic scholarships, and more.  


His resume includes exclusive internships from professional sports training facilities including Bommarito Performance (one of  the top training facilities for NFL 1st round draft picks). He was honored to have worked with professional athletes.


Coach Tony had the opportunity to learn from Pete Bommarito, owner of Bommarito Performance in Miami, Florida,  and Adam Boily, owner of Systems 8 Performance in Davies, Florida. While In college, Coach Tony was coached and trained by former Miami Of Ohio Head Baskeball Coach, Lisa Bradley. Ms. Bradley was instrumental in his decision to pursue a career in strength & conditioning.

Prior to focusing on athletic strength and conditioning, Coach Tony offers over 10 years of experience in private coaching and training. He understands the high demand of sports on the athlete’s body.  Coach Tony, 

In his spare time, you can find him and his fiance, Michelle, at the dog beach with their english bulldog, Pugsley.  

626.624.6760                                    info@saddlebackstrength.com                 Lake Forest, CA