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Serving all-level athletes 

Saddleback Strength & Conditioning empowers our athletes to reach their optimal athleticism through dedication, positive attitude, and team work. 

Our unique blend of scientifically backed training methods and proven training systems, your athlete  will experience measurable results.

The facility includes top-of-the-line computerized technology and high-performance equipment to get  the most accurate assessment.  

All of our athletes have access to the latest and greatest training equipment to give them the experience and develop the technique needed to advance their talent through  high school, college, and professional careers. 


Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of strength

and conditioning?

Strength and conditioning builds the necessary 

foundation of a successful athlete.  It enhances his or her sports performance by balancing muscles, correcting posture, overall health and cardiovascular, explosiveness, and supports injury prevention.

how do I sign up for my first session?

You can email us at
or call 626-624-6760

Client success

"Coach Tony turned me into an animal on the field.  I finished my previous season as a bench warmer on junior varsity and began training with him in the off season. Next season I was the starting safety on the Mission Viejo varsity team"

- Brenndan Warady

Strong Safety

 University of Wyoming Football

"Before I came to Saddleback Strength, I was always dealing with injuries and I had a very limited range of motion in my shoulders and hips . After 2 years of training, my range of motion is dramatically better and my body feels a lot healthier"

- David Bailey


University of Stanford Football

"I absolutely love training here. The gym environment allows me to not worry about anything else and just focus on perfecting my craft"

CJ Williams 

Wide Receiver 

University of Southern California

Saddleback strength & CONDITIONING

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